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Fast Multipole Methods (CTP)

Welcome to, a website on integral equations and fast algorithms for large scale simulations. We hope this website is informative and useful for our scientific computing community.

This website is developed by a group of people working in this field, and we hope you can also join our effort. You will find Tutorials developed by us or collected from our colleagues on integral equation methods (IEM) and different fast algorithms, including the fast multipole methods (FMM) first invented by Leslie Greengard and Vladimir Rokhlin, one of the top ten algorithms in last century. You can find several Codes based on IEM and fast algorithms, including our FMM Suite. You can find a partial list of people working in this field, together with a brief introduction of their work and link to their personal websites. We also collected many research papers on IEM and fast algorithms, and summarized existing research efforts on different topics, check Research. In Useful Links, links to several interesting websites are provided.

This website is still under development, and we hope you can participate and help us to make this website a better resource for our research community. Click on Register (upper left above the side bar), you may register and email us with your member ID. Once approved, you will be able to edit contents in this website. This website is developed using pmwiki, you will find basic editing directions once you login as an author of this website. Current editors of this website include (alphabetically ordered) Jingfang Huang, Jun Jia, Shidong Jiang, Bo Zhang.

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