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Fast Multipole Methods (CTP)

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Fast Algorithms:

Application Packages.

  • AFMPB: Adaptive Fast Multipole Poisson-Boltzmann Solver developed by Lu, Cheng, Huang, and McCammon.
  • Fast BEM Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method (Fast BEM) Software for Education, Research and Further Development, by Liu, CAE Research Lab, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
  • BBFMM3D Black-box Fast Multipole Method in 3 dimensions developed by Ruoxi Wang, Eric Darve, Chao Chen and William Fong .

Other Useful Packages.

  • SparsKit: A basic tool-kit for sparse matrix computations, by Saad.
  • NUFFT: Non-Uniform FFT by Greengard and Lee.

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